The Pillars of an Evolved Workforce

This is our Pillars of an Evolved Workforce™. It is a simple, straightforward method of Discovery, Development and Deployment of resources.

Our method begins with the Discovery Pillar which helps provide a clear, easy to understand path forward.

Knowing where to begin is Discovery, working on those things that will make the biggest impact as well as adopting a performance tool that works is Development, and building on an organizations mission, vision and values is Deployment.

This system provides you with "Solutions today" so you have "Success tomorow."
The Pillars of an Evolved Workforce

Cycle of Engagement

Once an organization completes our Pillars of an Evolved Workforce, how can they be assured they continue to meet their employees and their organizations needs?

During the Deployment Pillar we introduce a Cycle of Engagement. This tool encourages leadership to constantly listen to what is being said and putting improvements into action.

Keeping your eye on the future, hearing and acting of what your employees know and tell you, helps your Cycle of Engagement come alive and brings about Employee Engagement.

Future Focus Group

Begin your Employee Engagement journey here. Watch our video.
Future Focus Group

A Conversation with George!

A communication specialist from Austin, TX recorded a podcast which provides a solid overview of what FFG is all about. Thank you Dennis Tardan for being such a gracious host. Here is the link:

The Business Edge with Marcia Zidle and Future Focus Group

George Garrett and Peter Barrett speak on their white paper describing today's workforce opportunities.

Theresa Zimmermann and Karen Hennings discuss the journey Bonde's Quik Mart has taken making The Bonde's Difference.