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Evolved will take you on a journey from past to future. Concepts organizations thought worked have essentially been debunked by neuro-science research and unfortunately these have become myths and rituals that will not work in the 21st century. The following are a sampling of chapters which outline a modern approach to managing organizations of today and tomorrow.
Chapter 1
The Leadership Conundrum

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”
~John Quincy Adams
Chapter 2
Myths, Rituals, and DNA: The Need for Profound Leadership

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”
~Carl Jung
Chapter 3
Systems:  An Effective Leadership Path

“All of the empowered, motivated, teamed-up, self-directed, incentivized, accountable, reengineered, and reinvented people you can muster cannot compensate for a dysfunctional system. When the system is functioning well, these other things are just foofaraw. When the system is not functioning well, these things are still only empty, meaningless twaddle.”
~Peter R. Scholtes
Chapter 4
Finding Purpose:  Mission, Vision, and Values:  The Foundation of Leadership

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, and your values become your destiny."

Chapter 5
Beyond Diversity:  Uniting the Workforce

“Diversity:  the art of thinking independently together.”
~Malcom Forbes
Chapter 6
The Triangle with More Than Three Sides:  Removing Internal Conflicts that Inhibit Progress

“In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein
Chapter 7
Profound Leadership for Any Age:  Brace Yourself for Inevitable and Undeniable Resistance

“Everything that can be invented has been invented.”
~Attributed to Charles H. Duell
Chapter 8
Three Dimensional Engagement:  Discovery, Development, and Deployment

“Education is not piling on information…but rather making visible what is hidden as a seed.”
~Thomas Moore
Chapter 9
The Evolved Workforce:  Makeup of a Modern Workforce and Workplace

“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.”
~Hugh Prather
Chapter 10
Just Keep Swimming

“Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim.”
~Dory from Finding Nemo